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Photo Gallery: Jim Hickey

James Hickey brought a number of his P48 models to Naperville in 2007 to exhibit. The following pictures were taken by David Hussey who has granted us permission to use them on this website.

Lehigh Valley gondola and other models

Jim Hickey has been active in Proto48 modeling for a long time. He has contributed pictures to magazines showing some of his fine model work. Some of you may remember his “Protocals” line of high quality decals. He pioneered in the development of accurate lettering based upon actual cars rather than standard printer typeface typical of most decal makers. I don’t have any details on the model but would guess the car is built out of styrene with custom decals by Jim. The distressing and weathering is really some of the best I have seen. Study the photo carefully. There is much to learn from Jim’s work. The photos were taken by David Hussey at the 2006 Naperville meet.

This caboose is based upon a prototype car used by the CB&Q and Rock Island in the Houston area. It is made from styrene that has been "aged" with subtle weathering touches.

This model started out as Weaver FA-2 prior to Jim's detailing and painting. He added a number upgrades along with improvements to the drive. The lettering was created by Jim using an ALPS printer and his own artwork.

This model was built using styrene and features a lot of interesting weathering touches. Jim created lettering for the car using his ALPS printer.

Jim started out with a recent import from RY Models and modified the underframe to correct a height problem. He prepared his own decal set and weathered the car heavily. The lettering is even distressed. This car is one of the best examples of prototype weathering I have seen in a long time.

More of James' models.