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Photo Gallery: Stan Schwedler

All of Stan’s models are equipped with Proto48 wheels, San Juan AAR Type-E couplers and their trucks.

Denver Rio Grande & Western  Fowler Clone with Hutchins Dry Lading Roof

This model is largely based upon the San Juan Car Company Fowler boxcar.   Stan built a new Hutchins Dry Lading roof replacing the original XLA roof.    He also used a San Juan K-brake in place of the kit’s AB system.   Stan based his model on photos taken of a surviving prototype car in Colorado. The decals are from RL Design.  Weathering was done using a technique where multiple layers of paint are applied starting with a base color and ending with the finish coat.   A fiberglass eraser is used to “peel” layer of paint away revealing the base colors.

Denver Rio Grande & Western Fowler Clone with Murphy XLA roof

This is a slightly modified version of the basic San Juan Car Company kit.   Stan did modify the end posts increasing their height from the side.   He also added a shield in front of the triple valve.   Several railroads did this to protect this key piece of the brake equipment from damage caused by shippers. 

Sacramento Northern Flat and Gondola

Stan built these two models from scratch using Evergreen styrene, Grandt Line and San Juan hardware along with their trucks.   The decal set is custom made for these cars.    The models were done for a client of Coronado Scale Models.   Stan used the same basic technique for weathering the paint surface on these models that was described above. 

CB&Q USRA Twin Hopper

This model is based upon an Intermountain USRA twin hopper kit.   Stan added a San Juan Car Company AB brake set replacing the kit supplied parts.   He also replaced all of the cast plastic grab irons with scale sized wire parts.   San Juan Andrews trucks were used with Grandt Line bracketed wheels.   The decals came from a Microscale set.  

Soo Line Single Sheathed Boxcar

Stan started with a Chooch Ultra Scale II kit and replaced the roof with a scratchbuilt assembly.   He reworked some of the fine details to produce this very fine rendering of the 1913 order from AC&F.   The use of the black background on the herald went out fashion after WWII on the Soo.   

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