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Photo Gallery: Jim Zwernemann

The latest photos from Jim Zwernemann reinforce his reputation as one of the most talented modelers in Proto48 and the hobby in general. I am happy to share these pictures with you in this issue.

Baltimore & Ohio M-53 class wagontop boxcar
This model started as a ready-to-run imported plastic model from Weaver. The model may be the finest 1/4” scale plastic car done in China. The focus of Jim's rebuild was on fixing the underframe and door track. The model came with a poorly executed Duryea cushioned frame. Jim made a new underframe from styrene. He replaced the lower door track which involved making a new section of the body rib that runs behind the door track. The model had the wrong track style for the more modern door on the model. The car was repainted and decaled using a set from Rails Unlimited.

Lehigh Valley double sheathed boxcar

Lee Turner produced a set of patterns for Rails Unlimited to produce this Lehigh Valley boxcar. The prototype was built prior to WWII and had a number of modern appliances like a Duryea underframe. Jim assembled the kit staying pretty much to the script. He did an excellent weathering job to the finished model.

Jim painted, lettered and weathered this Model Works PRR brass gondola. The model looks like it has been in service for a number of years. PRR cars roamed all over the US and could be seen in the Southwest frequently.

Recently, Jim was able to find time to scratchbuild this Missouri, Kansas and Texas single sheathed boxcar. The car is built using custom cut Evergreen styrene for siding and cast end from Southern Car & Foundry. The prototype was built on an old fishbelly reefer underframe. The model won a first place at the March Meet in Chicago.

Jim wanted to build structures that were based upon prototypes in central Texas where he lives. This building is an accurate model of the MKT freight depot the once was located in Austin. The cream colored brick was done with Micro Mark printed and textured brick material. It is ideal for this application since has just enough texture to look like real brick without looking like a cartoon. The freight house had a long warehouse attached to it the was sheathed in corrugated metal. The streetside had loading doors for trucks to transfer freight. The trailers shown were built using Berkshire Valley kits with Odd Ball decals.


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