San Juan Model Company

San Juan Model Company’s prime directive is to produce simply the most accurate and fun to build model railroad products possible. We realized that the technology of production and engineering enable the availability of some truly spectacular models and by focusing this new technology, these models will redefine our hobby of model railroading. To this end, we are constantly investigating new processes and tools to bring you the best kits possible. It’s no secret that over the past decade or so, offshore manufacturing and assembly plants have produced some very nice RTR models. It is our hope to bring the hobby of building fine models back to the forefront. These products are domestically designed and manufactured right here in the USA.
San Juan is a key supplier of scale models, parts and details. They were formed with the purchase of GrandtLine, San Juan Car Company, San Juan Decals, Leadville Designs and American Limited.

8141 N I70 Frontage Road
Suite 5
Avrada, Colorado 80002-4404, Unites States

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