Sunset GP7/9 Proto48 Conversion Wheelsets

Author Shawn Branstetter

Right -O’-Way (ROW) has released a drop-in wheelset for the Sunset GP7s and GP9s, allowing a modeler to convert their model to Proto48. The wheels are the correct size, 40 inches as per the prototype, and are intended to be a drop-in replacement for the factory wheels. The axles, gears, thrust washers, and bearings come directly from the same manufacturer that builds the models for Sunset. Contact Jay at ROW for pricing and more details.

Manufacturer wheels on the left. ROW, P48 replacement wheels on the right for comparison.

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  1. Jay Avatar

    Please keep in mind, the first run of these models used 36″ wheels. The 40″ will fir just fine but the model will sit .040″ higher and that’s not a good thing. We have the conversion sets with the 36″ wheels also.

  2. Jay Avatar

    *will fit

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