Canvas Roofing

Author gene48

Over the years we have all read about the quest for the perfect tarpaper or canvas roof for structures and rolling stock. Modelers have used silkscreen, tissue paper, masking tape and even sandpaper to get various effects.

Our tip this takes a slightly different approach. We have had excellent results with paper adhesive bandage material, which is sold by the roll at your local drug store. The rolls come in several widths. We found the 2″ wide material handy for most 1/48th scale applications. It is available at your local drug store and it comes several different widths. It is very thin and has a textured surface. The adhesive backing allows you to position the material and trim before setting in-place permanently. You can lift it and reposition the bandage easily. Once the bandage material is situated in the desired place, you can brush paint it with something like Floquil. The paint will raise some of the fiber surface on the bandage. You can smooth this “fuzz” with some fine sandpaper. A final coat of paint and weathering completes the desired effect. Try it on your next project.

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