Tank car Conversion

Author Shawn Branstetter

We would like to share with you a model that was derived from a recent Proto48 article in the Railroad Model Craftsman on upgrading the Intermountain tank car. Robert Lerners used the RMC article as a starting point to build unique chemical tank car.

Robert converted the riveted tank car kit into an all-welded tank by sanding off the rivets, removing the dome and filling the resulting hole. He then added new dome made from a 5/8″ tube capped with a Precision Scale brass dome hatch. The dome vents are scratch built. Robert used San Juan couplers, AB brake system and trucks with Grabowski Proto48 steel wheels. The car was lettered with Champ decals. The lettering set is for a GATX car so it was modified to reflect the AC&F model.

Intermountain tank car featured in a recent issue of Railroad Model Craftsman [model and article by the editor of P48 Modeler] It is a treat to see Robert’s model. He did a beautiful job on it. I intend to do the same conversion someday in the future. Thanks for sharing with us

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