Building a Small Turntable

Author Robert Lerners

Recently, Robert decided to convert an On3 turntable kit into a Proto48 for his railroad.  Model Masterpieces did a 65′ plastic turntable bridge many years ago. The process Robert used was straight-forward and easily done by nearly anyone in need of an inexpensive turntable. The plastic bridge was lengthened by 2 ½” on each end.  The resulting length of 71′ .

The next step involved installation of a mix of long and short bridge ties that were pre-stained. The rail went on next.  Robert built two centering jigs that are important to keeping the rail centered across the bridge deck. He used some old Kemtron X-195 spikes to affix the rail to the ties. 

The next step was to make the pit with a plywood base below the Homosote and plywood tabletop. The pit rail will be installed on the Homosote ring. Robert will be adding short ties and rail to complete the basic pit. 

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